Hang Onto People Who Will Help You Advance

Murky employment statistics don’t change one truth for IT departments across the country: Companies are still projecting shortages of qualified IT workers, so hanging on to good employees is more critical than ever. If you want to advance, you need a quality workforce that makes you look good when it comes to handling projects and … Read more

Does IT Need to Follow Company Policy?

At Thrillist.com, a website that offers under-the-radar shopping and dining tips, employees sit in an open-plan office where they can easily call back and forth to each other, but the technology staff often sits at their computers with headphones over their ears. And after finishing a huge project late last year, they got alternate Fridays … Read more

How to Captivate Your Audience (Instruction 101, Part II)

You have to give a presentation, and you find yourself wondering: “Will anyone be listening to what I say?” With time and attention in such short supply, it’s easy enough to imagine audience members checking their email, napping or, worst of all, tweeting to each other about what a snooze your presentation is. You can … Read more

Instruction 101, Part I: Get Your Message Across

It’s a moment many geeks dread. At some point in your career, it’s likely you’ll have to teach your peers — or worse, your non-technical co-workers or customers — about a new technology. Doing so can be a real boost to your career, not only because it gives you great visibility within your organization — … Read more

Will a Stint on the Business Side Boost Your IT Career?

Although startup entrepreneur Mike Scanlin began his journey as a software engineer, he found himself immersed in business from the start. At Garage.com, he had to build a new site that would accept business-plan submissions for possible funding. “To build it, I first had to learn all the elements of a business plan,” says Scanlin. … Read more

How to Be Successful: Think Like Larry Ellison

Silicon Valley is no stranger to cutthroat competition. But even there, Larry Ellison stands out. Many anecdotes about the man paint a portrait of a smart but unscrupulous competitor, someone for whom winning takes a backseat to watching rivals lose. But here’s an illustrative one: At a conference several years ago, Ellison showed a photo … Read more

Facebook Business Strategies That Work

Many small- to midsized businesses today shy away from using Facebook. That’s a mistake, say technology experts. Sure, there’s the risk of negative comments getting posted on your wall for the whole world to see, but here’s the reality: If you’re not on Facebook, your competition is. So instead of avoiding of this powerful social … Read more

Why You Should Inventory Business Cloud Use

For a few hours on June 20, anyone who wanted to log on to cloud-based storage provider Dropbox could do so without a password. Dropbox blamed the incident on a bug. And chances are some businesses didn’t even know about the potential exposure of their data. Too bad so many IT managers don’t appear to … Read more

5 Reasons the Cloud Won’t Kill Your Career

If you’re an IT professional in a small company, the prospect of cloud adoption may seem like a death knell for your career. After all, the more data and function your company puts in the cloud, the less it will need an IT team to maintain and upgrade internal IT systems, right? Well, it’s not … Read more

Steve Jobs: 5 Secrets of Success

Steve Jobs is unique for many reasons. One, as Malcolm Gladwell notes in Outliers: The Story of Success, is that Jobs has the fortune of being born in 1955 — the same year as Bill Gates — so he was in his early 20s when the PC revolution hit. But it’s not just luck that helped Jobs reach … Read more